Information Technology

Since 2001, our IT division provides support services for business. BlueScreen is an outsourced fully functional IT department for small and medium-sized enterprises, providing also highly specialized, custom tailored solutions for large global corporations. We deliver the technology, expertise, scalability, flexibility and control that companies require. As independent private company, we often find best solutions integrating technologies form different providers.

Nowadays information technology is becoming at the same time simple on the user side, but extremely complicated on the technical side. This makes an internal IT department useless for many small and medium companies: a small IT department limits the available expertise, a large one is expensive and only a fraction of its capacity is actually used. Outsourcing is the solution, and BlueScreen provides one of the most reliable Helpdesk services on the market.

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High speed internet connection makes possible a fast worldwide data exchange between people and machines. Sometimes sensitive, private data is exchanged over impossible to control world distributed network infrastructure. In order to protect data privacy BlueScreen offers VPN solutions which cover virtually any company and any connected device. From simple point to point tunnels to advanced, custom tailored network topologies.

When it comes to IP Telephony, we always recommend Asterisk as the most reliable, open source Voice Over IP Server. Either installed in a virtual machine or on a purchased dedicated machine, BlueScreen specialists are happy to help designing, configuring and maintaining the right solution.

A reliable online presence drives new customers and grows revenues. BlueScreen Hosting service provides businesses and web professionals with the infrastructure, environment and tools needed to build and manage quality websites. Take advantage of our high performing cloud technology, along with our reliable network, to ensure continuing high availability and access to your site. We offer multiple options for servers hosting covering any modern business requirements.

Any business process depend on information. Nothing works anymore when data is lost or access to it is unavailable. BlueScreen invest a lot in preventive maintenance which is always cheaper than data recovery and downtime. We assist our clients implementing backup plans, access policy for users, database replication and high availability servers. When disaster strikes we are prepared and always ready to assist.

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