Apart from our competitors aiming to specialize in a narrow field, we have a multidisciplinary approach. This makes us able to find custom, effective solutions to non-standard technical problems. We like challenges, we do things never done before. We like to explore, to make prototypes, to test and improve them.

Modern society productivity and comfort comes from information exchange and automation. Our extensive experience in Information Technology, and also in accessible and powerful open source electronics hardware are the key ingredients to fast and cost effective designing, prototyping and implementing of automation solutions.

Most of the devices around us have parts made by plastic injection. This technology is extremely efficient for high volume, mass production but for prototyping and small production, the mold is too expensive. We use Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software and 3D printing for fast prototyping and small series production.

Beside 3D printing, another CNC technology in prototyping and small series production is CNC milling. Using CNC machines we are able to design and produce from simple circuit boards to complex aluminium 3D parts.

Most technical solutions require controlled environmental conditions in order to function in the designed parameters. As part of our solutions BlueScreen provides equipment for monitoring, recording and controlling the environment. We design, install and service water chillers and air conditioning systems for most of industrial application.

We support by any effort the transition to renewable, environmental friendly energy. We design grid free and greed-tight solar systems, including LiFePO4 Batteries, Intelligent Battery Management Systems. As part of our engineering services, we offer Uninterruptible Power Supply solutions design, installation and service.

Automobiles have complex electronics systems controlled by computers. Traditionally automotive electronics are based on CAN-BUS. However, the application layer implementation is specific for any manufacturer. Little effort has been made in the industry to create and implement a standard. A notable exception is the Fleet Management Systems (FMS) which is a subset of SAE J1939 protocol, implemented by most of the truck manufacturers. We believe that in the near future most of the automobiles will be network connected and data provided will improve reliability, fuel economy and prevent accidents. In order to get most out of the data collected by different systems, BlueScreen uses advanced CAN-BUS monitoring technology to extract meaningful data from these systems.

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