Biomedical Research

BlueScreen is an unusual company, having branches with apparently different activity fields. It is true: we are unusual, we think different and we do things differently. We don’t follow the crowd. Because biomedical research makes use of complex equipment and involves data acquisition and interpretation, having both Information Technology and Engineering branches “in house” is an advantage.

Although chemical synthesis is the preferred method for producing therapeutic molecules, sometimes there is no method available and biotechnology is the only option. Our research department has experience growing E. coli bacterial cells in preparative scale bioreactors. In order to determine the cells to produce the desired molecule in the highest possible quantity, metabolic engineering is first performed by gene editing the bacterial chromosome and/or inserting new gene(s) on plasmid carriers. We use CRISPR/Cas9 molecular biology technique to perform gene knock-in/knock-out. Once the desired molecule is produced, it must be separated and purified from the other molecules present in the cells and growing media. We provide as a service development of any step of the biotechnological process:

  • gene knock in/knock out
  • gene synthesis service
  • plasmids construction
  • growing medium optimization
  • purification method (including HPLC/MS if necessary)

Recent studies reveal strong correlation between metabolism, diabetes and aging. Treating diabetes alone costs 12% of the world health budget (according to World Health Organisation, 2015) while population aging becomes a problem for financing the health systems in Europe. Therefore we decided to focus our research efforts in curing diabetes and improving health in aging population by metabolic interventions. We are open to collaborate on projects in this field providing High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) – Mass Spectrometry (MS) methods development services for separation and quantification of metabolites and proteins.

As a research company, we use ourselves laboratory supplies and reagents. From DNA synthesis services, chromatography columns, antibodies, to reagents and other chemicals, we do our best to source for top quality and cost effective products. We resell some of these imported supplies, optimizing orders quantity and import / shipping cost. We also source laboratory supplies upon request.

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